Monday 27 January 2014

Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter - Launching January 30th

I posted about this on Pulp Citizen, but since I am directly involved with Pulp City thought it fair to post here too! Hope any readers of the Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer don't mind!

The Pulp City Supreme Edition Kickstarter is on its way, and we plan to launch in a few days time - January 30th, at approximately noon EST (USA), or 5 pm UK, 6 pm central Europe.

The core goal is aimed to allow us to get the new Pulp City SE book published, as well as new cards for every existing mini in the range, plus a fair few new ones!

The game has evolved from its original pdf version, through to the printed Guide published in 2010 which refined the pdf version, to what we are looking to launch this year: Pulp City Supreme Edition.
2010 Guide

Pulp City SE is designed to make for faster playing games, and to be more 'friendly' to casual or new players, but without losing the depth of the previous incarnation - no easy feat, but we think we have done it! In the old game things used to slow down a lot as soon as more than small handful of minis were in play. this time we think that players can still play at the old game sizes (Encounter Levels), but can more easily play with more minis if they so choose.

There will be stretch goals of course, and as this is a minis game, you can guess that some will be minis! There have been some hints on the Facebook page, but suffice to say, the more successful the project is, the more we can unlock.

The new Starter Sets will be launched within the Kickstarter. 4 brand new Supremes: Heroes Tekkna and WildmanVillains Aurelius and Anansi), and 2 new sculpts of old favourites (Ace of Wraiths and Nuke)

There will also be a Kickstarter-exclusive sculpt of John Grimmsham, nefarious Leader of the Grimm. Of course, as he is a Leader, he will need reinforcements with models to lead...

2014 Pulp City Supreme Edition
If things go really well we are looking to add some more big guys to the line-up - more Powerhouses!

And we have a few other cool ideas for stretch goals if we get there; so hopefully something for everyone.

Hopefully I will have some more updates in the next couple of days.

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