Sunday, 15 October 2017

Zomtober 2017 (Week 3)

This week's offering for Zomtober is another Studio Miniatures Zombie. I left this one quite late and basically did 90% of the painting this morning. That said, I am reasonably happy with it as tabletop standard and it adds another mini to the horde, and takes one more out of the unpainted pile.

I am not sure what injury killed this Zombie, so I added a bloodstain to his t-shirt to indicate trauma over and above his dislodged eye.

The past three weeks has seen some stunning outputs for Zomtober and to everyone taking part, well done; but I am most in awe of the painters able to complete multiple minis each week.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Quarter 3 2017 Painting Summary

Overall I am pretty pleased with my volume of output, in the middle of my low and high targets for July to September, but overshadowed by the amount I painted in the same period in the year before.

I made significant headway into my G.I. Joe Project over the past three months, which was positive, especially as Brummie and myself have now managed to play a few games of Squad Wars to test the rules and iron out the bumps. This month I am taking a bit of a break from the Joe stuff, but I fully expect to carry on painting more next month.

I also painted an Adventurer from the Meridian Miniatures Tooth and Sword range (that Bat Spell Caster below is not giant size - really!), which was pleasing as the range has been untouched for far too long after receiving my Kickstarter pledge.

This also lead to me starting and writing up a third draft of a set up rules for fantasy skirmish adventure gaming - 16,000+ words mainly written in September for that! I hope to get some fantasy scenery done before too long to go with more Tooth and Sword minis.

Finally, astute readers may have noticed an absence of BMG minis in the past few months. This is intentional. Basically due to concerns with how the 'official' BMG Facebook community is run, and specifically certain behaviours of its lead admin (most stuff I won't go into, but stuff that is so bizarre to sound made up in some instances, and just downright wrong in other instances), including exclusion of community members seemingly by whim in certain instances, including myself. Therefore, I am no longer buying Knight Models products, attending their officially-sanctioned   tournaments nor will I be blogging about their products until and if there is a notable change in the status quo. I have had civil conversations with Knight Models on the matter, and I have explained why I will no longer be supporting them or their products while the situation remains unchanged, and they have stated they are considering the situation. I'll miss attending the tournaments and playing BMG against Brummie, but for me it is a matter of principle.

Anyhoo, I am hoping to keep painting momentum through the next few weeks and will hopefully churn out a few more minis.

Painted in Q3 (-7 from Q3 2016)
GI Joe: 13
Tooth& Sword: 1

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Mimic (Fantasy Gaming)

A bit of an odd one this, amid this month's Zomtober outputs, and mainly finished because Zomtober has seemingly reignited some painting motivation.

Mimics are tried and true Dungeons & Dragons monsters that have popped up in other franchises such as Japanese console rpgs. They are creatures which inhabit dungeons pretending to be treasure chests etc. in order to pounce on unsuspecting adventurers!

This sculpt is from Reaper Miniatures and is cast in their Bones material. I did a poor job of clean up, and I have to say I really don't like the Bones material at all.

Cheap is great, but in hindsight I would have probably preferred to do this one in white metal, and would likely have cleaned it up better had that been the case.

I have a Fantasy Gaming Project looming (probably using Tooth & Sword minis for the protagonists and many/some of the antagonists), so the Mimic is intended to be part of that. I have already picked up another couple of Mimics from another manufacturer so expect to see something similar in the not too distant future. More details in due course!

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Zomtober 2017 (Week 2)

This week's offering is a mini that was started but not finished for last Zomtober; he has basically sat part-painted for a year, meaning I am very glad to clear something out of the dreaded painting queue!

It has been great to see so many Zomtoberists progress to Week 2, so very well done guys.

This week's mini is from Studio Miniatures, and I think of it as part of my sub-set of Mutant Zombies. Most of my Mutant Zombies so far have also been Big/Boss Zombies so this is a nice addition to those ranks as a smaller model. No blood splatters on this one, but the remainder of the month will see more regular Zombies stumbling forth.

I am still generally doing modern-era Zombies for this year, with bits and pieces from a few ranges, however, an order of some chibi Tooth & Sword Shambling Zombies has arrived in recent days - now I am just awaiting bases for them.....

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Zomtober 2017 (Week 1)

My Zomtober Week 1 mini is in the bag, phew!

I had a slow painting month in August, so Zomtober is just the ticket to help me pull up my totals for the year.  Having the mutual support of other Zomtoberists is a great spur for me to get 'something done', so well thanks and done to the 20 or so of us who have decided to take part this year.

Zomtober has helped me paint at least 30 minis over the 5 years it has been going, and this is the 24th modern Zombie I have added to my collection due to Zomtober (taking me to a nice round 40 in total).

I am not pursuing any kind of theme this year, just clearing odds and ends from years' worth of backlog Zombies, including this mini from Studio Miniatures. I imagine that prior to rising as a Zombie, this one had its neck chewed and hand chewed away then his neck broken before dying - very unfortunate!

I used this mini to try out how I shade and highlight what is a fairly new colour for me (the brown used for the long sleeve t-shirt), since I'll be using the same colour on another mini I have coming up. I may add some new acquisitions to the Zomtober painting queue, but that will depend on overall progress.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Bat Spell Caster (Tooth & Sword)

A change of pace on the minis painting front with this post. I needed something of a 'palette cleanser' (for me, doing something very different) to avoid sliding into another painting lull. I was rummaging around the hobby room yesterday and though again about Tooth & Sword (a Kickstarter I backed in 2014, and minis are available from the Meridian Miniatures web-site - click for link). My G.I. Joe Project will be carrying on, but doing this mini was simply a way of getting back on track with painting minis.

I was instantly captivated by the designs, old-school D&D realised in minis form via anthropomorphic chibi adventurers! Unfortunately my capacity to buy minis exceeds my capacity to paint them! While I know the style is not to everyone's tastes, it certainly grabbed by attention. 

In 2015 I painted the Shambling Zombies, and now three years on from the original Kickstarter I have finally got around to finishing one of the adventurers. 

I picked up the Bat Spell Caster from the painting queue yesterday and figured out how I wanted to approach it. There are some big smooth surfaces which means a different feel for painting those, and I have more to learn there, and unlike the Shambling Zombies I had to properly tackle the eyes this time around. I think I will learn as I go with the Tooth & Sword adventurers.

In part painting the Bat Spell Caster was prompted by some rules tinkering I was doing yesterday, but all in all, I am pleased to have added to the painted minis tally for this year, and added some more variation to my recent outputs.

Tooth & Sword
Minis owned/painted: 24/6 (25%)
Good painted: 0
Neutral painted: 0
Wicked painted: 1
Monsters painted: 5

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Kamakura (G.I. Joe)

Kamakura is yet another G.I. Joe and Arashikage ninja - there sure are a lot of them! He was added to the canon in the early 2000's through the Devil's Due Productions comics, and later appeared in some G.I. Joe cartoons.

Kamakura is the son of a Crimson Guardsman who forms a bond with Snake Eyes, and in the DDP branch of the comics continuity and the action figure canon becomes Snake Eyes' apprentice. My main reason for adding him to my G.I. Joe Project was that I felt RAFM's Ronin mini was a good fit for the character.  Me and Brummie are constantly searching for options to fit G.I. Joe and Cobra characters, and successes in finding a mini which we can then match to a character drives additions to the project more than anything else.

In preparing the mini I trimmed the sword back a bit (it was incredibly long!), and swapped his head for a spare Pulp City Ninja head that I had. Unfortunately my green stuffing around the neck was a bit rough, but it will do. I decided to use a different green than that used on most of my Joes - Vallejo Model Color Flat Green. The primary painting was pretty straightforward allowing me to make quick progress with base colour, washes, dry-brush and highlights. The colours are an approximation of one of the many versions of the Kamakura action figure, but not a like for like copy on the model's details.

I am hoping to get some more Cobra done over the next few weeks, although with Zomtober coming that will be dependent on available time. I have quite a few minis part -painted for the project right now that I really need to start finishing off.

G.I. Joe Project - Minis Painted (18)
G.I. Joe: 13*
Cobra: 5**
Arashikage: 4*
Iron Grenadiers: 1**
Oktober Guard: 0
Red Shadows: 0