Sunday 4 September 2011

Breast Cancer Brawl 2011

Something worth promoting:

What is the Breast Cancer Brawl?

The Breast Cancer Brawl is an effort to raise money for breast cancer research, advocacy, education, and support organizations. The event is a fantasy table-top miniatures tournament and… painting competition using the popular WARMACHINE and HORDES game systems.

The above text is from the 'About' section of the Breaster Cancer Brawl 2011 site (here).

My understanding is that the organisers want to spread it beyond the identified games to include games such as Pulp City. It is self-evidently a good cause and so I decided to draw attention through my blogs. Gaming in a good cause - there is not much to add to that really, is there?

Now maybe I need to paint something pink in honour of this initiative...

1 comment:

  1. Now if that is not an excuse to put some models on the tabel I don't know what is!

    Great initiative and I hope it raises a lot of cash!