Thursday 1 September 2011

Deathwatch Kill Team [WiP]

Okay, I wasn't planning to show these until they were all finished, but Rob insisted, so here is the pre-undercoat assemblies.

These are kit-bashed from a number of GW Space Marine kits, mainly Command Squad, Devastator, Blood Angel, Space Wolf and Dark Angel kits with at least one Forge World torso for good measure. I probably need to green-stuff one or two locations, and I was thinking of adding some extra purity seals, but I don't know about that since I would like to get on with painting them. They are for our Thursday night gaming group and with my house move a couple of months ago fell off the painting radar (or should that be auspex?) as a consequence.

Ultramarines Librarian

Imperial Fists Devastator - I am not looking forwards to doing the Chapter icon.

Blood Angels Assault Marine.

Space Wolves Tactical Marine (I guess that should read Grey Hunter).

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