Saturday 8 December 2012


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I built this a while back, but only recently added the 'rope' which still needs to be tied off some-how.

The kit is from Battle-flag (link) and is BW4 Hang 'Em High Gallows.

The rope supplied with the kit looked too thin for my liking, so I replaced it with a suitable alternative from Gale Force 9; that came in a black colour so had to be painted a suitable colour as an alternative.

The kit comes with a base, which I was not satisfied about, so I assembled it without base (as carefully as possible, using dry fit to the base as a guide), and then snipped off the tabs to fit to the base.

The painting was my quick washing technique from the other Old West buildings (using really thinned down Vallejo paints).


  1. Looks superb. Yo Sheriff just needs to capture some rustling varmints to put the noose around.

    1. That's the plan; I fancy playing some Blackwater Gulch next year.

  2. Good bit of scenery, no western town is complete without an offical lynching party site.

  3. It is a nice little kit, and easy enough to assemble.