Sunday 23 December 2012

Hobby Stuff: Shipping Containers

I have been accumulating these shipping containers from Tablescape in dribs and drabs, steadily gathering more and more. I have at last count around 18, which should do for a credible container yard or docks set-up I hope (click on pictures to enlarge).

The latest batch are the rust red colour (top picture) and were painted that colour on request (the usual packs come in 3's with one of each colour of grey, blue and green). Tablescape are happy to listen to customer requests on having their stuff in different colours and cost depends on whether they have that colour in stock or not. Since they had a suitable colour, there was no extra cost for the 6 I bought.

The purple containers (a set of 3) were re-painted by myself. It did take a few coats to over-paint the original colour, so I will look to discuss custom colours with Tablescape if I want more in non-standard colours.


  1. They look great I'll go and have a mooch at tablescape site as I haven't heard of them.

    1. They are ideal IMHO. The alternatives tend to be expensive (AT-43 by Rackham via Ebay) and/or require work and assembly.