Thursday 31 October 2013

Zomtober 2013 Reflections

So another Zomtober draws to a close (for most; some die-hards are still adding to their walking dead and survivor stock-piles! Good on you guys!), and here are the four minis I managed for the project.

I am very happy because I hit all my planned deadlines (for me that is a 'big thing') plus I also managed to finish off another six minis for other games and ranges, so my most prolific month of the year so far!

Finally, if Zomtober participants want to add a comment below, then I will tally up everyone's undertakings in this post.

Zomtober Tallies (click names for links to blogs)
Rob & Charlie (Four Colour Super Minis): 30 Zombies and 11 Survivors
Brummie: 3 Survivors
Pulp Citizen: 4 Zombies
Dizbuster from BotLL: 2 Survivors and 4 Zombies
Blaidd Dwrg: 6 Zombies and 4 Survivors
Robert Audin: 2 Zombies and 1 Survivor
Kieron: 22 Zombies, 2 Survivors, 4 Cops, 8 Civilians who aren't meant to survive...
Colgar6: 4 survivors and 4 zombies
Michael Awdry: 9 Zombies
Shelldrake: 19 zombies and 18 commandos painted up for Zomtober
Panzer Kaput: 4 zombies and 2 survivors
Jon Shields: 12 zombies and 3 survivors.
Matt: 15 regular zombies, plus one giant super zombie!
Kasper: 4 Survivors
Rwwin: 14 survivors and 13 zeds
Modhail: 3 Survivors, 2 "Personality" Zombies (Waldo and Mime), 12 Lampposts, 1 Section of pavement, 9 Gas canisters, 4 Fire extinguishers, 1 "Soylent Green" vending machine, 9 Zombies*, And 1 Portolet....

Guys, if you add your name and Zomtober output to the comments I will update the list accordingly.


  1. 6 Zombies and 4 Survivors

  2. I would like to thank you for running Zomtober this year I've managed 2 zombies and one survivor. All though I did not make all 4 deadlines this year this was a very stressful month for me and you've inspired me to get back into painting, so thank you.

    1. Very kind words Robert. I think Zomtober has been a shared experience, so a good thing IMHO. Huge thanks go to Brummie for promoting the idea, and to Rob whose stupid idea it was in the first place!

      But I am happy we were able to get other to join the 'party' so well done to you sir. :)

  3. 22 Zombies, 2 Survivors, 4 Cops, 8 Civilians who aren't meant to survive...

  4. 4 survivors and 4 zombies. Although some of the survivors may not make it past the first few days of the Z-apocalypse.

    It was fun doing something with a sense of shared purpose and seeing other people's contributions!

  5. I'm claiming 9 including the two today and I just want to say a big thank you for running the show this year. It has been great fun and I've discovered many new blogs to follow.

  6. 13 zombies and 13 commando 'survivors' with an extra 5 commandos and 6 zombies finished before November ended.

    If you include the extras I have 19 zombies and 18 commandos painted up for zomtober.

  7. Its been great how so many people have joined in. I shall pick up some zombies to paint next year I think. Well done everyone who took part its been great seeing what everyone could come up with!

  8. I finished four zombies and two survivors and met all the deadlines too, which is a big deal for me, lol

  9. The final score for me was 12 zombies and 3 survivors.

    I'd like to add my thanks to yourself, Rob, Simon, and all the other Zomtober painters. It's been a great, fun experience, looking out for everyone's updates, and having a reason to get things done myself.

    Roll on Zomtober 2014!

  10. 15 regular zombies, plus one giant super zombie!

  11. I (barely) managed to finish four survivors for this showdown.
    All the best,

  12. Awesome stuff. I 'got back' into blogging a bit late this year, but it's been ace to see what everyone's comitted to, well done all

    1. Thanks on behalf of everyone Zombie Ad - the question is, can we tempt you to Zomtober 2014...?

  13. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner, but I got 14 survivors and 13 zeds:

    1. No worries at all; consider yourself added to the summary list. :)

  14. Whoops, completely missed this... This is my Zomtober tally:
    -3 Survivors
    -2 "Personality" Zombies (Waldo and Mime)
    -12 Lampposts
    -1 Section of pavement
    -9 Gas canisters
    -4 Fire extinguishers
    -1 "Soylent Green" vending machine
    -9 Zombies*
    And 1 Portolet....