Thursday, 13 January 2011


I imagine Aquamarina is some kind of mutate empowered with the ability to transform into a form of water. Or maybe she is some kind of water elemental type? Who knows.

This mini is one of a burgeoning number of supers to be found in the Chronoscope range from Reaper, and known by a different name in that range to the one I have chosen. The mini is effectively one of a set of four classical-element themed female supers in the range, and I will get to the others in good time. While it was nice to see supers in the Chronoscope range, I feel that more recent sculpts have been better than a couple of the initial supers minis (with some notable exceptions among those first few).

Obviously anyone who follows my Pulp Citizen blog knows I am a supers nut, so expect to see quite a few in the coming months if I can keep my present motivation for painting. But rest assured other stuff is in the pipeline, so hopefully this blog will live up to its name.

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  1. Very nice paintjob there - I'm a huge fan of the Chronoscope line, I have about 6 basecoated minis from it on the workbench begging for more paints. Good stuff mate :)