Thursday, 6 January 2011

Kabaka K'Wana

I have posted this already on Pulp Citizen, but for anyone not reading that blog I though I'd kick off posting with some minis I have painted and/or photographed in the past year or so. The backdrops vary quite a bit in those older pictures, as I am still trying to get to grips with my miniature photography, so please bear with me.

First up is the mighty giant silver ape Kabaka K'Wana. I have already used him in Pulp City games so far, but hopefully he well also see use in some pulp and Victoriana themed games as well.

Kabaka K'Wana is from Reaper's P-65 range and is a big beast in every sense, and very weighty too. To match in with basing for my other minis, the interior of the base (an 80 mm recessed piece from Fenris Games) was a simple scratch build using sand and plasticard to try and evoke a paved effect; basically I wanted something that would look okay in some forgotten temple or even urban streets.

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  1. Oh man! Great paint job! Looks cool in white!