Monday 7 January 2013

Hall Of Heroes: Battlefield In A Box (Gale Force Nine)

The Great Vestibule (BB523)
Okay, these are post-Christmas treats, I have to admit!

I received an Amazon gift card for Christmas among other stuff (there are other internet retailers of course...), but could not think of any books, DVD's or CD's that I wanted to get.

Then I had a thought - I have been looking at getting these for ages, but was put off by the price (hey, how many minis could I get for the equivalent money instead!). Amazon had the items I wanted and with the gift card, I was able to afford both by topping up with a few extra pounds and I particularly am glad I did.

I can see these featuring as the ruins of a Gothic keep, for some Victoriana style gaming and/or maybe pulp, or even AE-WWII; as a fantasy ruin (and specifically Anima Tactics and Reaver Lords); futuristic gaming over some grim-dark war-ravaged world (yes, I may play WH40K again one day...). i am sure they could do duty in other genres too.

Gallery of Valour (BB524)
For scale reference you have: Gentleman (Pulp City); Wissenschaft Agent (Anima Tactics); Tyranid Warrior (WH40K). Bases are 30mm for Gentleman and Wissenschaft Agent, 40mm for the Tyranid Warrior.

The footprint of the bigger piece is pretty hefty and it measures 10 inches high. The balconies are 50mm wide so useful for deploying a number of minis.

The two can be used together or separately of course, but they will form a decent LOS blocking area of the battlefield.

The two items are (bigger piece) Hall Of Heroes: The Great Vestibule (BB523); and (smaller piece) Hall Of Heroes: Gallery of Valour (BB524). Both are by Gale Force Nine of course.

For the price I do think they are reasonable, especially for the time-strapped gamer. Yes, they could probably be made more cheaply, but for the balance of time and effort versus money saved, well I was happy to get these at the prices I paid.

Both together
If I get enough games in using these this year, I may pick up some more items from the Hall Of Heroes range. I will be posting up some more Gale Force Nine terrain in the near future.


  1. Looks great. I love the GF9 terrain range.

    Will be convering the Badlands and Cystals myself soon

  2. Nice, reminds me of weather top in LOTR

  3. I see Lord of The Rings ruins or, just perhaps, the ruins of a Roman building in Dark Ages Britain (SAGA)

  4. The ruins are generic enough to be used over the last 1000 years and fantasy too - great models