Wednesday 9 January 2013

Wolsung Scenery

Micro Art Studios recently ran an Indiegogo campaign for their upcoming Wolsung skirmish game. I checked it out for one reason only: the gorgeous scenery.

I first saw their stuff when it was previewed at Salute 2012 (click for link) and knew I wanted some from then on. The success of the Indiegogo campaign unlocked some bonuses and so I have ended up with x2 apartments  x2 packs of walkways; a pack of street furniture stuff; and another pack which I have not yet figured out. In addition I got a Wolsung range ruler and a couple of resin pieces which will do for a number of eras as small barricades.

I have no plans to get into Wolsung, but I love this terrain, and cannot wait to build up some cool bits and bobs with it. Stay tuned fro updates.


  1. Look forward to seeing you build these dude.

    1. Started already; 1st pack of walkways and a couple of the market stall things done already. Need to work out painting which will be different to my wash style for Old West I reckon.