Saturday 6 April 2013

Modular Buildings and Ruins for Wargamers Kickstarter

I only stumbled on this Kickstarter yesterday, but it may be of interest to WWII/weird WWII gamers in various scales (15mm;20mm; 28mm).


The demo video is here (just over 3 minutes; not the most polished video, but the project is explained and outlined):


  1. Seems like a pretty good brand. Good luck to them. I need more money! May have to resort to begging with a tin at this rate lol.

  2. I went in at just the £10 level since if it gets funded, I think I will pick up items further down the line, and getting to funding will be important to upgrading equipment and increasing production capability.

    For me this is exactly the kind of project I want to see on KS, with various tiers of buy-in/pledge.