Thursday 25 September 2014

Oriental Scatter Terrain

All the items in this post are from a company called Wargames Terrain Workshop. All except the bridge were bought with Pulp City games in kind, as I want to be able to 'dress' the table to represent the city's Little Asia district. The statues and torii gate are a useful start I think. I think the pieces could easily be used in a variety of genres and eras of skirmish gaming.

The figures used for scale reference are Kagemaru from Anima Tactics and a Ninja Sensei from Pulp City. Both are on 30 mm bases. The bridge can accommodate bases a little over 50 mm wide.

The reason I am posting about these scenic pieces is to weigh up my thoughts about them, because they can be bought pre-painted, which means they are fodder for the time-strapped gamer.

The prices unpainted/painted are:

  • Oriental gate (torii gate): £4.00/£7.20 GBP
  • Oriental Statue: £3.00/£5.40
  • Pair of Temple Dog Statues: £3.00/£5.40
  • Oriental bridge: £6.00/£10.80

So for just under £30 plus postage I ended up with 5 pre-painted resin scenic items, which I honestly think is pretty good value. That said, I have to offer a caveat to prospective buyers. The items were very securely packed, but not securely enough. One upright for the gate needed re-gluing as did the central supports and one central cross-piece for the bridge. I opted to leave the bridge central supports off for ease of use, and the bits I re-glued were the work of a couple of minutes, but I just wanted to flag that issue up.

Despite the problem above, I do like these, and would recommend them, and I am thinking of investing in a second gate sometime soon.


  1. Bloody Bargain anyway and then for a tine bit more pre-painted an awesome price!

    1. I was happy with the value of them; and i would buy from WTW again based on this. :)

  2. Those are pretty good pre-painted prices, hard to argue with! Good stuff!