Monday 1 September 2014

River Set

You get 2 of each piece in the River Set
This River Set is by Pegasus Hobbies, and comprises 6 pieces; 2 each of 3 different items.

The set is made from hard plastic and comes pre-painted. The pieces snap-it together with lugs, meaning it can be assembled and disassembled easily, and that individual sections won't slide around. When disassembled the set sits neatly in its box, so is very easy to store.

The 6 pieces when connected yield a river of approximately 43 inches in length. The bend pieces are 45 degree angle. The model used for scale reference is on a 30mm base.

Prices in the UK vary between £16 and £18 (I got my two sets a few years ago and paid £13 for each at the time).

The Technobridge just about sits across the river as shown. Looking at the Pegasus Hobbies site there is the suggestion that there may be additional pieces in the future which add modern and older style bridge options with integral river sections, I think I would pick them up if they appear in the UK.

For the price I think it is a reasonable set, although it is just shy of 48 inches, which may be intentional by PH given many gaming tables will have width or length of 4 feet in inimitable GW style. With a four foot table you are really looking at getting two sets. Despite that, I do think it is good value and I would recommend it.


  1. I like this series of showing off available terrain sets.

    1. Cheers. As a time-strapped gamer (in other wors, one who does not want to spend to much time building scenery if he can help it!), I hope they are of use. :)

  2. Nice! Will have to keep my eye out for one of these very useful