Wednesday 29 June 2016

Quarter 2 2016 Painting Summary

Some mixed feelings of where I am at with painting right now. On the whole, I have managed to paint quite a few minis in the last three months. However, unfortunately for a little over two weeks one of our cats has been very ill, and supporting him has meant my wife and I have been pretty tired and I have not been feeling particularly motivated to paint, so less output in June than originally hoped for. The most important thing is making our little cat as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, and hobby stuff will be there in the future.

In all I painted 12 minis in the last quarter, across 5 ranges, adding a couple of new ranges (Malifaux and G.I. Joe). I didn't play many games in the last three months, but have done some game design writing, and continue to work on the ongoing development of Pulp City with the rest of the Pulp Monsters team, so mixed outputs overall.

Painted in Q2 (-1 from Q2 2015)
  • Pulp City: 5 minis
  • BMG: 4 minis 
  • Freebooters Fate: 1 mini
  • Malifaux: 1 mini
  • G.I. Joe: 1 mini

Not sure how things will progress over the next few weeks, but I will try and add stuff from time to time.


  1. 12 minis across 5 ranges is pretty impressive. More so seeing the high quality finish these minis have. :)

    1. Thanks FourEyedMonster. :)

      Very kind words. :)