Friday 12 August 2016

XTRAIDOS - Yin Yang Assassins (crowd funding campaign)

XTRAIDOS - Yin Yang Assassins is a new crowd funding campaign to add some additional minis to the Xtraidos range, and being run on the IndieGoGo platform. I love the sculpting for this small range, so I felt I had to back it. I have the first few releases and I am looking forward to adding more to those.


  1. It is rare for you to post a thing like this. I'll check it out.
    The miniatures look lovely.

    1. Sergio (the sculptor/creator) is the guy who sculpts for the 1650 game, and more importantly for me, he did the visual design for the Supreme Alliance and Red Republik Factions for Pulp City Cold War. :)

    2. That explains a lot 😊.
      The two things I noticed where the decorated Hex bases, which are very rare in the modern wargaming industry, and the fact how detailed they are, almost on par with the Infinity models.
      With the kind of background he worked out I almost expect them to be part of a game, though he doesn't seem to mention it anywhere (perhaps I overlooked).

    3. I *think* Sergio is developing a game using the 1650 mechanics, and 1650 also uses hexes.

      I'll be re-purposing them for another project... ;)