Thursday 16 July 2015

Mesh (Black Mask Henchman)

Mesh is the last of my Black Mask Henchmen (except the Mobsters: Boris and Dirty Tom), and should be going straight into my revised crew line-up. As it doesn't look like any more Black Mask Henchmen blisters are on the near horizon, the only thing likely to get swapped in is more Blackgate Prisoners for the weaker Henchmen I am currently using

The painting was done in a few brief, quick sessions over consecutive evenings, and I was surprised at how quickly I finished the mini especially in light off having managed to finish around 10 BMG minis over a period of 8 or so weeks, especially finishing this hot on the heels of painting Nite Owl.

Getting this done has got me thinking about exactly how I want to configure the crew for my next couple of games. Mesh is replacing Turk, a mainstay of my crews so far. In terms of pros and cons, Mesh just about comes out on top for me:

  1. Reputation: Mesh 22/Turk 25
  2. Funding: Turk $400/Mesh $600
  3. Maximum Attacks per Activation: 4 for Turk/3 for Mesh
  4. Action Counters for Maximum Attack: 2 AC for Mesh/4 AC + 1 SC for Turk!
  5. Maximum Base Potential Damage: 9 Blood for Mesh/4 Blood and 4 Stun for Turk
  6. Range: Mesh unlimited/Turk 20 cm
  7. Close Shooting: Turk has the Light rule/Mesh does not have Light
  8. Collateral Die: Mesh has Brutal/Turk has no extra bonus
  9. Ammo: Turk 4/Mesh 2
  10. Endurance: Turk 5/Mesh 4
  11. Strength (as back-up if caught in close combat): Mesh 4+/Turk 5+

BMG Painting Summary
BMG characters owned: 125 (added: nothing when Mesh was painted)
Percentage of owned characters painted: 17.6% (22 models)


  1. Looks great. I think the key point for Mesh is that you shouldn't need to get close. He'll really occupy your opponent's mind early in the game if you get him in the right position.

    He'd be a priority one target for me.

    1. Thanks Kieron. :)

      I hope to get a few games in with him before the next tournament to allow me to get to grips with him - thanks for the hints. :)

  2. Another fabulous addition, he certainly looks intent on business.

    1. Cheers Michael. :)

      Agreed, he is a serious looking dude. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks very much for the kind words Bob. :)

  4. Excellent job mate. I shall make him a prime target at the next game then :P

    1. Cheers mate - I look forward to getting that next game in! :)