Monday 30 September 2013

Quarter 3 Painting Summary

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Until Zomtober 2013 kicks off, time for my quarterly update.

The update features another collage using fotor (and amazingly, I exceeded fotor's in-built collage image limit, so a creative solution of putting a collage in a collage was needed!).

Q1 yielded 13 painted minis. Q2 also yielded 13 painted minis. Q3 surpassed that standard with 17 painted minis. That takes me to 43 of my 50 target for the year - it looks like with 3 months to go (including a planned 4 models for Zomtober), that is an achievable goal.

Nothing too large this month unlike the Wrath of Nature last quarter, or Giant Hadron in Q1, but still 17 minis done. And that is even with the disappointment of not yet painting a couple more Ninjas (for Pulp City), or painting more for Anima Tactics (I would have liked to have painted at least a couple more Anima Tactics mins).

Q3 saw me paint stuff for Anima Tactics (6 minis), Pulp City (6 minis), Freebooter's Fate (4 minis), and MERCS (1 mini).

Top row (l to r)
Ninja Sensei (Pulp City)
Saint Astraega (Anima Tactics)
FCC Saboteur (MERCS)
Hamadria (Anima Tactics)

2nd row (l to r)
Alessa Raincross (Anima Tactics)
Apagado (Freebooter's Fate)
Harlequin (Freebooter's Fate)
Primate of Nature (Pulp City)

3rd row (l to r)
Hellhound/Type 004: Hellhound (Anima Tactics)
Master Assassin (Freebooter's Fate)
Coscritti (Freebooter's Fate)
Ninjas (2) (Pulp City)

Bottom row (l to r)
Shadow Double (Pulp City)
Empire Agent (Anima Tactics)
Primate of Mystery (Pulp City)
Erika (Anima Tactics)

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