Sunday 15 September 2013

MERCS: Starting FCC House 9 (WiP)

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I don't tend to blog 'work in progress' too often, but I thought I might do WiP's on my MERCS Megacon squads as I go, as this represents a bit of a departure for me (painting squads of minis for the first time in a few years, with an approach to painting that is a bit different than I used in my WH40K days).

What I am aiming to do is paint at least a little bit (even if only for a few minutes) each day on these until they get finished.

They are unlikely to be finished at the same time, as I will start to diversify the palette a little on them as I go to emphasize the rag-tag nature of House 9.

I am aiming to finish the Housemember first since that should then offer a bit of a template for the rest of the unit.

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