Sunday 8 September 2013

Upcoming Project: MERCS

I have a new project that I am finally getting underway - I say finally, as over the past 2-3 years I have acquired the minis 4 factions for the MERCS game, and they have sat there untouched. That is all set to change.

MERCS is a futuristic squad level game where each player has a force of 3-5 models (5 is the standard game size).

The world is one where corporations have supplanted nations in pretty much every area of a citizen's life. Each Megacon is a vast entity, a conglomeration of an incredible array of businesses, and in the present day of MERCS just 9 Megacons remain in control of much of the world. Outside of Megacon control are the Lost Margins, territory of the FCC (Free Corporate Control), a loose affiliation of organizations that oppose the Megacons, but will occasionally work with a Megacon to further mutual goals against a rival corporation.

The MERCS of the game are corporate security soldiers in super-advanced armour, the ultimate enforcers of Megacon will. Currently 7 Megacons have minis available, as well as 2 FCC 'Houses'.

CCC Yellowjackets
So far I have picked up: CCC (primarily focused on North America; their squad is the Yellowjackets; and it was their Heavy model that drew my original attention, but I was fortunate to order the rule book when it came out and acquire the limited edition Incinerator); Kem Var (South America; they use stealth technology); FCC House 9 (a rag tag looking bunch; based in the Middle East and part of Asia; the can work with representatives of Megacons as Black Ops); and Keizei Waza (Australasia and South East Asia; equipped with nuclear powered armour and a martial sense of will).

I have also begun to prep some terrain to be suitable for games of MERCS (and some will be suitable for other games too), so expect intermittent posts over the next months that will directly or indirectly relate to MERCS as well as other stuff (such as wanting to paint some more Freebooters Fate minis before too long).

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