Saturday 14 September 2013

Firedragon Games (2): Concrete Low Walls

Styled like the Low Walls in the previous post regarding Firedragon Games terrain (click here for link to the post), these are the last of the batch of pieces I bought from Firedragon.

This particular pack is £4.50 GBP for both items, again excellent value in my humble opinion.

Preparation time across all 5 pieces was brief. Painting on these was slightly complicated by the fact that the sandbags are integral, but really was no problem at all.

The painting was largely as for the previous pieces, over a black undercoat.

I am very happy with the five items I purchased from Firedragon. For the five it came to £12 GBP plus shipping. It has meant I have been able to ready five items useful for cover etc. in relatively short order.

Because I am very happy with the quality, I will be ordering from Firedragon again, as I plan to pick up their bunkers, which I think will support the same kind of games I will be using these in.


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Mr Q! Quick and easy coupled with relatively inexpensive = winner in my book.

  2. Could be an allround use for these. Pretty cool.

    1. I honestly think they are excellent value, and were quick to paint up. Like you say, they should be useful for a number of eras/games.