Monday 17 March 2014


It has a long while since I last painted a 'supers' mini that wasn't either Pulp City or Batman Miniatures Game. more than a year in fact!

This was done quickly as I had not painted anything and needed to get some momentum back, so the relative simplicity of this Reaper Chronoscope mini was a draw to do that. That to getting started on this I was quickly able to paint a couple of Anima Tactics minis too last week, so it was nice to get back on track. Not amazing painting, but quick and done.

I'm not sure of the Reaper pack name for the model, but I call her Targeteer. I imagine her as being related to a  golden age or silver age hero of the same name, perhaps who hung up their spandex, and she in turn has decided to carry on the family tradition with a quiver full of trick arrows when she had to uncover a mystery relating to the disappearance of the original Targeteer.

I plan to use some Reaper Chnronoscope supers for some play-test games for the Pulp City build your own rules when we get deeper into those, as well as maybe games of Supersystem (4th edition goes to Kickstarter very soon) or Power Legions, the variant of the Song of Blades and Heroes system variant for supers games, which I hear may arrive towards the end of this year.
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