Saturday 8 March 2014

World Of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral Kickstarter

World Of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral -- Kicktraq MiniI plan to resume painting and posting hobby stuff other than Kickstarters soon (I even picked up my brushes this week and started on a mini to get back into painting after a month-long lay-off), but until those posts happen a long, there are a couple of Kickstarter projects I am backing and wanted to draw attention to.

First up (the second will be in a post tomorrow) is World Of Twilight: Travels through Anyaral (click for link to the project), a project to add new rules and models to the World of Twilight game. I love the models and WoT always has some lovely demo tables at Salute.  Some of the models have a Dark Crystal meets slightly steam-punk fantasy vibe to me, for wont of a better description. The project is funded and has some nice inexpensive pledge levels, so well worth checking out.

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