Sunday 11 October 2015

Quarter 3 2015 Painting Summary

After finishing with V.H. (Pulp City) and Benjamin Orchard (BMG) in September, the third quarter saw my best output in terms of number of models this year, despite a relatively lean end with only 4 painted minis in the last month. That said, I doubled the output of the same period in 2014 and a little extra! So that was nice to say the least.

Painted in Q3 (+9 from Q2 2014!)

Pulp City: 5
BMG: 11
Tooth & Sword: 1

That takes me to 46 minis for the year. My BMG painting is well ahead of target; Pulp City is now probably on target for the year; Anima Tactics is so far off target it is hard to even consider. Overall I have since hit my low target of 50, but will probably miss my high target of 68.

I have started on painting my first Tooth & Sword at last, and will paint some more soon. Zomtober beckons of course, so I am hoping for a good October, and that may even include at least 1 Anima Tactics mini. I want to paint at least 4 more Pulp City minis this year, and have designs on painting a third crew option for BMG....


  1. Looking good Pulp, seems that painting miniatures is like golf. You are actually only playing/painting against yourself to improve each round/season. So good on you to notice your improvement!

    1. Thanks Terry. :)

      Volume of output is my biggest goal these days, and Quarter 3 certainly worked out well. :)

  2. That is a seriously impressive output altogether, brilliant to see them like this, the quality is fabulous.

    1. Thanks Michael. :)

      I hope the collection of minis lives up to the billing of 'eclecticism' that I aim for. :)

  3. That's a great display of miniatures. I wish I could paint such a large number of miniatures at this quality.