Wednesday 14 January 2015

Shifting Stones

My next Circle Orboros minis are finished (after the Woldwyrd), and although they are super simple, I am glad they are done as they have helped me get some momentum both toward 2015's painting total as well as my Circle Orboros force. I am hoping to paint at least 4 minis per month this year, so I am on target in month one!
  In game terms the Shifting Stones allow the player to move their force around with greater freedom, and from doing some reading have a little bit of a learning curve to get the best out of them.
   The reason for tackling some easy pieces so early was simply to allow me to 'get stuff done' so that painting to a small 15 point force (as a start) would not feel too daunting. With the Shifting Stones and Woldwyrd, I am roughly one third of the way there as my first planned Warlock adds 5 points to the force. So basically I need to paint up more 13 points from the stuff listed below.

Coming up I have:
  • Baldur the Stonesoul (Warlock; +5 pts)
  • Stone Keeper (druid add-on for the Shifting Stones; 1 pt; under-coated)
  • Woldwatcher (Light Warbeast; 5 pts)
  • Woldwarden (Heavy Warbeast; 9 pts)
  • Wold Guardian (Heavy Warbeast; 9 pts)
  • Megalith (Character Heavy Warbeast; 11 pts)
  • Totem Hunter (Minion Character Solo; under-coated and a model I have had a few years but has not been used for anything; 3 pts)
  • Feralgeist (Minion Solo; under-coated and another model I have had a few years but had not been used for anything; 1 pt)
The likely combinations to tackle first then are either Baldur, Woldwarden, Totem Hunter and Feralgeist, or Baldur, Megalith, Stone Keeper and Feralgeist. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers mate. Just wanted to get some things done quickly to get me started. :)

  2. Now they're interesting, love what you have done with the colours.

    1. Thanks Michael; the rest of the force as it grows will follow the same pattern of colours so should look quite cohesive I think. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers mate; I hope to have a small payable force within the next few months. :)