Sunday 15 June 2014

Interviews From The Gaming World

Over the past few years I have conducted a few different interviews with some industry types.  Here are the links to those I have done so far.

The most recent was a brief interview with Carlos B. Garcia, the man behind Anima Studios and the Anima raft of games (including Anima Tactics; click for link to interview). He recently launched the Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign on Kickstarter, as a supplement to the original Anima: Gate of Memories Kickstarter campaign.
As the Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign heads into its final days, Carlos kindly agreed to answer some questions posed by the Anima Tactician (click for link to interview).

I have also conducted a few interviews with creators and developers working on the Pulp City game and on behalf of Pulp Monsters.

Maciej Żylewicz (part 1 and part 2) - the driving force behind Pulp Monsters and Pulp City.

Melvin de Voor - artist, concept designer, layouts and design.

James Van Schaik - sculptor, industry veteran and consultant.

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