Friday 20 March 2015

My BMG Tournament Crew (I)

My finalised crew for my first BMG tournament which I am playing tomorrow. It is a few years since I last played a tournament (I used to play the WH40K Grand Tournaments each year), so it will make a nice change.

I have had some basic run-throughs of some of the rules, but I will be playing my first games, so I do not expect to place well at all.

Poison Ivy Crew (rep 348; $1500)
Poison Ivy (Rep: 83; $0)
Solomon Grundy (Rep 128; $0)
Deadshot (Rep 76; $300)
Turk (Rep 25; $400)
Spore Plant (Rep 20; $150)

  • Sense Mutation $100
  • Extra Spores $200
  • Titanic Mutation $150

Creeper Plant (Rep 16; $0)

  • Spike Mutation $200

Wish me luck!


  1. I don't know anything about how to play the game but this crew looks mean. Batman watch out!

    1. Well the crew was not mean enough Robert! My very first games, 2 losses and a draw of sorts. :)

  2. Something I am planing on getting into after Salute this year... and your excellently painted minis are definitely to blame my friend :-)

  3. Great looking crew. Despite the outcomes :)

    1. Cheers mate, but a crew that I am unlikely ever to play again in this particular line-up. :)

      My first BMG games taught me that:
      1. A crew needs enough models that can Manipulate Objectives to score.
      2. this crew lacked real mobility.
      3. Deadshot is nasty; basically he shoots for 4 rounds out of 6 and can stay at arm's length.
      4. Bodies, bodies, bodies; the game cannot be won by attritional grinding the enemy crew to dust, so is hard for 'elite' (read stars of the comics etc.) unless supported by cheap henchmen. Watchmen may have something that compensates, not sure yet.
      5. Deadshot is nasty; did I mention that yet? :)

      From that learning, if I was to take a similar crew, Grundy would be dropped for Riddler or Scarecrow (Objective takers), another Plant, and some other cheap Henchmen.

  4. Still...A painted crew and some games played. That counts!

    1. Cheers Lord Siwoc; at least the chastening experience of the tournament has given me insights into the game, and it has been a while since I played any games for any system, so that was rewarding. :)

  5. Love the painting - great job. I like to look of Grundy - did he get much action?

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bullcher. :)

      Grundy attracted a lot of attention, and was taken down with concerted attacks from models able to put out multiple attack dice over a couple of rounds. Too expensive in Rep for what I got out of him. :)

    2. Thanks - he still cool though ;-)

    3. Cheers. :)
      Was chatting with a buddy and the realisation has occurred to me that BMG would probably work better if the number of Objectives scaled with the game size (1 per 150 Rep) as that would make big guys more viable. :)