Saturday 28 March 2015

Fabled Realms: Damaged High Street House

I have had some motivation for assembling these things after the first kit (posted last week), so here is another: Damaged High Street House 03.

Each of the High Street Houses in the Fabled Realms range has a 'damaged' version available also. It is these that are more useful to me in gaming terms, so they will be the ones I focus on, although the smaller Backstreet Hovels are useful as small, low-rise line of sight blockers.

This building costs approximately £24 GBP, and the undamaged versions sell for the same price as damaged versions.

The time to build this kit was just under two and half hours. I didn't build it in one sitting, instead I worked on sub-assemblies then left the glue to cure while doing other stuff, but keeping track of time taken while I went. I am no expert hobbyist, so I reckon others could probably whip one of these out in under a couple of hours.

As with the previous kit, Freebooter's Fate minis are used for scale reference. The building splits into 3 main assemblies for ease of gaming, leaving a pretty functional piece in my opinion. It has a little trap door in the ground floor, and two areas that can be left as they are or made to look like they are sunken (which I did), It also comes with a ladder. At the price point it is something I am very happy with, and definitely recommend.

As I put these things together, I am learning a little about the 4Ground design process, so a couple of the initial sub-assemblies were a little misaligned, but that will help me as a proceed with the next building which is already under-way.

Putting together these Fabled Realms buildings has really stoked up my enthusiasm to get playing Freebooter's Fate, and so I have been scouring the rule-books and have started in on the fluff. I can't wait to get some fantasy pirate gaming in!


  1. That's a nice piece of terrain. I can see it getting many uses. My initial thought was "Mordhiem" but Freebooters will work just as well.

    1. I think with the Mordanburg name they are clearly chasing the Mordhiem and Warhammer players like you suggest Clint. :)

      But as you say, the range can work well for other games too. :)

  2. It looks great dude! it being a damaged building any misalignment can be put down to the cause of the damage :D

    I think I may have to pick up a couple of intact buildings from there WW2 range saw one on Vampifans blog this morning that I think will be very useful for a lot of genres I game in.

    Looking forward to seeing the next one.

    1. I had been wary about them simply as I thought they would be more of a pain to assemble than they were; since I have been pleasantly disabused of that notion, I can heartily recommend the kits.

      One thing though, is the scorch marks left by the laser cutting seem more in keeping with ruins than not, so just bear that in mind. :)

  3. I like teh ruins- very Mordhiem.

    1. Definitely. :)

      Next one will be posted this Wednesday, and I am close to finishing #4 (the most complex one yet clocking up 3 and 3/4 hours so far). :)