Sunday 31 May 2015

Goon 2 (Black Mask Henchman)

Another model done, which is good, and the crew grows; I still have two more minis to add to it. That said, this was a pretty disappointing casting once again, with a partially-unformed lower hand where it was supposed to grip the bat, and some big lumps of metal (too chunky to be called flash) under the arms. In all, the weakest paint-job of my weekend's three finished minis (although the photograph seems to have washed out some of the highlights unfortunately), but another one done, which was satisfying after April's painting slump.

In game terms, when compared to the first Goon I painted, with identical skills values, identical Personal Trait (Brutal) and near-identical cost, there does not seem much between that model and this one.

Goon (the first one) has Brass Knuckles, dealing 2 Stun with Strength 4+. Goon 2 (this one) has a Baseball Bat, dealing just 1 Stun, but with Handy (re-rolling misses) and Heavy (adding +1 to the Strength value, meaning Damage on a 3+. All very much of a muchness?

Not quite.

Apply a little maths and it appears that each has a subtly different advantage to the other. Overall Goon (the other one!) is better at taking models down based on basic Damage output, simply due to the superior Stun output. However, Goon 2 (this one!) has an advantage of generally producing more hits to match against the critical die. Goon 2's best role though, is probably in taking out KO minis, since he should achieve more hits against them (thanks to that reroll), and the surplus Stun of the Brass Knuckles is then redundant. Stuff for me to remember when fielding my Black Mask crew!

I can see a tag-team of sorts with the two models: Goon attacking first, and if a model is KO, maybe using Goon 2 to try and convert Stun to Blood. We shall see how it plays out I guess.

BMG Painting Summary
BMG characters owned: 108 (added: nothing more at present)
Percentage of owned characters painted: 14.8% (16 models)


  1. Good grief you're painting quickly.

    Who are you, and what have you done with Leon? ;)

    Looks great. Tie your thinking with these guys in to the Let's Go rule and Mask's Mob and No Mercy traits and somebody could be in for a kicking.

    1. LOL! :)

      Don't worry, normal erratic and sporadic productivity will be resumed soon! The deadline has certainly helped focus my painting. :)

      And yes, I have to work out how to get the best out of Nor Mercy (which pushes the player into using Black Mask early in the turn, which may not always be ideal I guess). :)

  2. Loving seeing you paint these - my first BMG gang is the Black Mask Crew (with some additions - the extra Black Mask thugs, the mobsters (these reminded me so much of the opening sequence of Batman: The Animated Series that I had to have them!), Clayface and most recently, the new Bane thugs - given their masks, I figure that they'll fit pretty well and I'm unlikely to use the official rules). I must agree on the casting - disappointing with such finely sculpted figures. Any tips on painting the darker fabric on this guy?

    1. Thanks for the kind words Chris.

      the dark suit had base of Vallejo Dark Grey. In some deeper folds I painted thinned Vallejo Black-Grey. Highlights were a mix of Dark Grey and medium Sea Grey at 2:1, 1:1, then 1:2.

  3. Great job again dude! Super quick too.

  4. Excellent mate. Your speeding your way through these at a fair clip!

    1. Cheers mate. :)

      I am looking forward to the next couple (maybe three - I started a Scarecrow...) being finished so I can focus on some other ranges for a while. :)