Friday 1 May 2015

Freebooter's Fate - New Traits Index

As Rob and I sail towards the shores of our first games of Freebooter's Fate, I have been devouring the rule-books to try and understand the game as much as I can ahead of time, to try and make things easier since neither of us has actually played the game yet!

One of the things that has emerged is that as much as I love the books, with their abundance of evocative tales of heroes and more often ne'er-do-wells and skulduggery, that with each new book comes new characters, with different kinds of abilities. And with each new book comes a 'New Traits' and 'New Special Actions' section - the latter are Actions that characters can only use if they are written on their card. The problem is, that some of these new abilities are included in specific character write-ups, and not the main text, and worse still, the Mystic Spirits book does not feature an index!

Here I plan to gather and update as needed a small index of New Traits and New Special Actions, and page references where they can be found.
The book references follow the FF indexing:
I is Freebooter's Fate  main rule-book (also FF)
II is Deep Jungle (also DJ)
III is Mystic Spirits (also MS)
ToL I is Tales of Longfall - La Nocha de Brujas (also LNdB)

New Traits (any not in bold have only been used by 1 character so far)

  • Cloddish, III/MS p. 51
  • Cut Dead, III/MS p. 95 & p. 96
  • No Authority, II/DJ p. 43
  • Hot-blooded, II/DJ p. 37
  • Indestructible, II/DJ p. 25
  • Living Shield, III/MS p. 48
  • Mystical Choir, III/MS p. 49
  • Nightvision, ToL I/LNdB p. 14 & p. 17
  • Possessed, III/MS p. 47
  • Sixth Sense, III/MS p. 76
  • Smoke Bomb, II/DJ p. 25 & ToL I/LNdB p. 13
  • Stun, III/MS p. 55

New Special Actions

  • Bayonet Charge (Complex Action, Movement, Combat), II/FF p. 47
  • Shadow Run (Complex Action), I/FF p. 82


  1. Sounds like a pain for beginners. Good on you for sorting out for the good folks of the interweb :)

    1. Agreed re: pain; I think that for the creators it is easy to lose sight of making each set of additional rules as 'new gamer friendly' as possible. :)