Saturday 2 March 2013

Spinespur Kickstarter

I am sure none of us has missed the surge in crowd-funded new minis games and lines in the past year or two, and it looks to me that even if the approach to such campaigns will see some change, it is here to stay as a business model.

However, crowd-funding is no guarantee of success and some campaigns have failed for whatever reasons. That said, there is a campaign I want to highlight that is close to funding, and I would love to see it make its goals and more.

Link to the Spinespur Reinstitutionalized Kickstarter

Spinespur is a game I have had my eye on for a few years. It is pitched as a game of survival horror, set in a world populated by very dark things. The strap-line is:
Heroic scale, Survival Horror Miniatures game where Fear, brutality and dead bodies are the key to winning.  

The game is honest about its subject matter and that means I am fine with the content as advertised, but just trying to give fair warning that concepts may not be for the squeamish or for those that do not like to mix those kinds of concepts into their gaming.

So if that sounds of interest, maybe give this Kickstarter a look.

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