Friday 3 April 2015

Fabled Realms: Damaged High Street House (III)/Backstreet Hovel (II)

More 4Ground Fabled Realms buildings!

Damaged High Street House (III)
(Fabled Realms Damaged High Street House 1) This has been the most complicated to assemble, and was constructed in a little under 4 hours over a few days. I honestly didn't expect it to take that long, as I had not anticipated the additional time needed for the extras it has compared to the other High Street Houses. Mostly they were not too difficult to complete, but they all took time.

Compared to the other two ruins, this effectively has a usable third storey due to the exposed attic space.

Although this one took a lot longer to put together, it adds some more variety to the array of buildings I have, so I think the time was worth it.

This kit was more expensive than the other two Damaged High Street Houses, and has an rrp of £36. Unlike the others it is a little more expensive than its undamaged counterpart.

Backstreet Hovel (II)
(Fabled Realms Mordanburg Backstreet Dwelling 1) This building arrived in the days in which I finished the last one, and was, like the first Hovel, pretty quick to assemble, taking roughly 1 hour 25 minutes.

The rrp is £18, but they can be found cheaper if you look around.

Currently there are no ruined versions of the Backstreet Dwellings, but if any are made I think I would get at least a couple. Speaking with the guys from 4Ground, they plan to make some ruined versions within the next couple of years.

The Town Grows
I have really enjoyed putting these 5 buildings together, and want to add more, but going forward I think I need some variation. So I hope 4Ground add to the range, and stuff like a blacksmith's or a warehouse would be really nice options in my opinion, and which they have also indicated may happen.

The next release planned is a City Watch Tower I hear, and even sight unseen I know I want it!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers Gordon. :)

      I love the range too. And ordinarily, I find making terrain tedious, but in this instance I actually enjoyed putting the kits together. :)

  2. Great stuff! If only I played fantasy games.

  3. Quite a little community building up now!

    1. Indeed mate. :)

      Did you manage to get a start on that one you got the other day? :)

  4. They look awesome mate. Well done on getting them all together these past couple of weeks. They certainly look very effective altogether and will be very useful for lots of settings.

    1. Cheers mate. Just working on other scenic bits and bobs to go with them now - trade wares, a little hand cart - and I have ordered some other stuff like a hay cart (good for LOS blocking), and a few other small items. :)