Wednesday 28 September 2011

Braaaaaiiiinss...(Until Some Proper Pictures Get Done!)

We had a game today using those Zombies we have been stock-piling. I hope to start photographing them in the next few days, in the meantime there is this:

Click to embiggenify

Monday 26 September 2011

Braaaaaiiiinss...(An Update)

I have been beavering away on a number of Zombie minis, from a number of manufacturers including Hasslefree, Cold War, Studio Miniatures, Tengu and Crocodile Games.

Since the Zombie Cops were finished, I have painted another 6 Zombies, with another 12 or so in various stages of painting (let alone the mountain of under-coated and unprepared Zeds awaiting work...), so expect some Zed updates soon!

Thursday 8 September 2011

"Send more Cops!"

At least I think that is the line from the wonderfully trashy mid-80's zombie movie 'The Return of the Living Dead'.

Three Zombie Cops; I settled on 3 since that suits my Pulp City gaming needs and also meant I could batch paint them. Not quite as good paint-work as on Suzi previously I guess, but I was trying a new black technique I have been working on.

The Zed Cops shown left and middle are by Crocodile Games and the third (right) is from Cold War Miniatures. That makes four Zeds done, only around 40-50 to go...

Sunday 4 September 2011

Breast Cancer Brawl 2011

Something worth promoting:

What is the Breast Cancer Brawl?

The Breast Cancer Brawl is an effort to raise money for breast cancer research, advocacy, education, and support organizations. The event is a fantasy table-top miniatures tournament and… painting competition using the popular WARMACHINE and HORDES game systems.

The above text is from the 'About' section of the Breaster Cancer Brawl 2011 site (here).

My understanding is that the organisers want to spread it beyond the identified games to include games such as Pulp City. It is self-evidently a good cause and so I decided to draw attention through my blogs. Gaming in a good cause - there is not much to add to that really, is there?

Now maybe I need to paint something pink in honour of this initiative...

Thursday 1 September 2011

Deathwatch Kill Team [WiP]

Okay, I wasn't planning to show these until they were all finished, but Rob insisted, so here is the pre-undercoat assemblies.

These are kit-bashed from a number of GW Space Marine kits, mainly Command Squad, Devastator, Blood Angel, Space Wolf and Dark Angel kits with at least one Forge World torso for good measure. I probably need to green-stuff one or two locations, and I was thinking of adding some extra purity seals, but I don't know about that since I would like to get on with painting them. They are for our Thursday night gaming group and with my house move a couple of months ago fell off the painting radar (or should that be auspex?) as a consequence.

Ultramarines Librarian

Imperial Fists Devastator - I am not looking forwards to doing the Chapter icon.

Blood Angels Assault Marine.

Space Wolves Tactical Marine (I guess that should read Grey Hunter).

Have You Seen Me? [Gunwitch]

Okay, just throwing this out there if anyone can help. Too late in the day i have gained an appreciation of the Nocturnals comic book.

There was a RPG supplement relased by Green Ronin around 8 or 9 years ago, and they released this promo figure with it; so if anyone can help I would love to buy a copy of the Gunwitch mini and will pay a fair price.