Thursday 29 November 2018

Punchline (Kitbash Games)

Punchline is one of the the Villains for my upcoming Kitbash Games Supers Unlimited launch (January 2019 - stay tuned!), and a sculpt I love.

Punchline was a kids' clown/entertainer whose life was falling apart when he happened upon a pair of super-science gloves in an abandoned secret lair. From that moment on he decided the world would be his punch-bag, not the other way around.

I originally conceived the character around ten years ago, and other than the re-design of his gloves (the originals were very baroque), not a great deal changed when I had more up to date art crafted for him - the core elements all remained the same (clown, power gloved, colour scheme). However, I decided I wasn't brave enough to try the yellow pin-stripes as shown on his updated trousers!

Thursday 15 November 2018

Street Wars NYC Female Gang: The Mollies (Kickstarter)

This Kickstarter from Funky Skull Games is for a new gang for the Street Wars game.

I can see uses not only for the intended game, but they also offer some excellent options to use as thugs etc. in a supers game.

 The campaign has 48-hour early birds available, adding an extra saving for backers over expected rrp. I am very happy to back this latest addition to Street Wars!

Sunday 11 November 2018

Blue Scarab (Kitbash Games)

Blue Scarab is another of the minis I have had sculpted for my upcoming range Supers Unlimited. An out-and-put hero, she is based on a public-domain golden age character of yesteryear, and one I was really happy to bring via update into the twenty-first century.

I [plan to launch the range in January, so I am working to try and make sure I have at least one painted copy of each mini, and Blue Scarab is the latest completed.

I opted for a nice and simple blue-yellow colour scheme in keeping with the source character, accentuated by her blonde hair.

The Blue Scarab was a cop wounded in the line of duty, who survives her grave injuries thanks to the intervention of a scientist friend using an experimental procedure. Wishing to do more than allowed in her job, Dani Garret donned cutting bio-mimetic armour (also developed by her friend under Project: Beetle), incorporating a lucky golden scarab, and a mask and became the super-strong Blue Scarab.

Saturday 10 November 2018

Supers Unlimited Launch 2019 - Kitbash Games

Kitbash Games is delighted to announce that it will launch the Supers Unlimited miniatures range and game in January 2019.

The crowd-funded launch will feature at least 9 miniatures at the start, with more unlocked depending on success. This launch will represent the start of a range of high-quality supers miniatures released alongside fast-play skirmish rules.

The Supers Unlimited miniatures launch will be backed up by a free to download beta rule set and downloadable game cards for all characters.

That is not all! Kitbash Games is very excited that the miniatures will also have rules for Super Mission Force under agreement with Four Color Studios – with downloadable ready-to-play profile cards for all launch characters. Super Mission Force is a highly-regarded, easy to learn, and fast-paced rules system, and Kitbash Games is very pleased to partner with Four Color Studios on this venture.

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