Saturday 24 August 2013

Meanwhile, Over On My Other Blogs....

Saint Astraega
Readers may recall that this year I set out to paint more minis than last year's paltry return of only 24. I actually set a goal of at least 48, and so far things are going fairly well.

Over on the Anima Tactician I have posted Saint Aestrega (click for link), my 27th completed Anima Tactics mini, and I *think* my 39th mini of the year so far.

Meanwhile, over on Pulp Citizen, I have been working away on a Minion Month Painting Challenge (click for link).

The story of the year so far has been:

  • January: 6 minis (2 Pulp City; 2 Anima Tactics; 2 supers)
  • February: 1 mini (Pulp City) - 7 in total
  • March: 6 minis (5 Anima Tactics; 1 Zombie) - 13 in total
  • April: 4 minis (4 Anima Tactics) - 17 in total
  • May: 3 Minis (1 Pulp City; 2 Anima Tactics) - 20 total
  • June: 6 minis (2 Pulp City; 4 Anima Tactics) - 26 total
  • July: 8 minis (4 Anima Tactics; 4 Freebooter's Fate) - 34 total
  • August: 5 minis so far...(4 Pulp City; 1 Anima Tactics)
Primate of Nature

That has yielded:
Anima Tactics: 22 minis
Pulp City: 10 minis
Freebooter's Fate: 4 minis
Supers: 2
Zombies: 1

Sunday 11 August 2013

eBay Sales Listings

I don't often put things on eBay, but it is long overdue that I should
have a clear-out.

I have put a number of listings up today, including some OOP minis such as Zoats (x3 listings); a Limited Edition White Dwarf subscription Space Marine; and some box sets no longer made in metal by GW (such as Masters of the Chapter; Space Marine Veterans). there are a number of other lots too, so please check them out:

Thursday 1 August 2013

Brotherhood Crew

The Brotherhood
Here is the full Brotherhood Crew after the Painting Challenge in their sinister glory (and see here for Rob's Crew), repaired Master Assassin and all! You may spot I have re mounted the left arm at a changed angle; I am hoping that will make it a tad more durable. Still a pain of a mini to be honest!

Left to right:

This is not strictly the Starter Set Crew, as I swapped Apagado for Bonaccia (both are Specialists with similar costs in doubloons). That means I have Bonaccia to paint up when I feel motivated, and Ragg Chiflad, a Goblin mini that is a 'convention only' special. I am not planning to make a Goblin Crew yet (but you never know!), but he looks like he could be fun to pain once I work out his basing.

I have some more Freebooter's Fate minis on their way to me so do not be surprised to see some more in the next few months.