Sunday 7 April 2013

Anima Tactician (shameless plug)

A quick shameless plug for one of my other blogs: Anima Tactician.

Anima Tactician (link) is Anima Tactics-centric; therefore the content is all about my forays into that game and related topics.

Anima Tactics is a tabletop minis game, using a pretty low model count, and clearly influenced by Japanese console rpgs such as Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Breath of Fire et al.

So far I have painted 13 minis for the game (having kicked off my painting in earnest late last year), and I hope to get that to around 30-40 by the end of this year - eventually I would like to have at least one painted example of every mini in the range.

So please come across and check out the blog as I stumble through what is for me a fairly new hobby diversion.

Saturday 6 April 2013

Modular Buildings and Ruins for Wargamers Kickstarter

I only stumbled on this Kickstarter yesterday, but it may be of interest to WWII/weird WWII gamers in various scales (15mm;20mm; 28mm).


The demo video is here (just over 3 minutes; not the most polished video, but the project is explained and outlined):

Monday 1 April 2013

Quarter 1 2013 Painting Summary

Click to enlargify
Just a quick post to summarize what I have painted so far this year. As you may recall, I did not paint much last year (24 minis in total), so one thing I wanted to do was get a lot more than that painted this year.

In the year before that I painted 32 minis. This year I want to do at least 40 minis, preferably closer to 50.

I have undertaken a couple of painting challenges already which has helped, and will no doubt be engaging in Zomtober with Rob and others (Brummie - you up for it?), so there will be at least 4-5 Zombies penciled in for October, so 50 does not sound impossible, but it can only be achieved if I hit a target of around 4-5 minis per month, and around 12-14 per quarter as a minimum. And thankfully, despite a lean February, I have hit that so far for Quarter 1!

Those minis (I used to make the collage; nice and easy):
(clockwise from top left)
Lostaroth Marchosias (Anima Tactics)
Aqua (Anima Tactics)
Bella (Anima Tactics)
Sarah Reindhold (Anima Tactics)
Captain Hadron & Mini Hadron (Pulp City)
Hadrons (group shot)
Lorenzo (Anima Tactics)
Hendybadger (a friend's commission sculpt)
Wissenschaft Agent (Anima Tactics)
Drake (Anima Tactics)
Doc Cosmos (my commission sculpt)
Zombie (you can never have too many Zombies)

Giant Hadron (Pulp City)

For a grand total of 13 minis - yay! Now onward into Quarter 2...