Friday 31 August 2018

Mousers (TMNT)

A bit of a change of pace with these Mousers - I wanted something(s) that could be painted up quickly and removed from the dread painting queue. These little minis were the ideal solution and were done in an evening, with a mix of dry-brushing and layering.

I am pretty pleased with how they came out even though they wern't the hardest thinsg to paint. I now need to start sourcing other TMNT stuff, don't I....

Wednesday 29 August 2018

Blackthorn (Kitbash Games)

Blackthorn was finished a couple of days ago and follows hot on the heels of Tox and Big Brain, and marks my third painted Kitbash Games mini this month.

Like Big Brain, Blackthorn is an unethical scientist now turned supervillain after self-experimentation, although his goals are far different than his diminutive ally, as he follows a secret agenda to create a new dominant race of human-plant hybrids!

Blackthorn was a pleasure to paint, especially after going a few months with doing no painting. I opted for a simple colour scheme, with a bit of dry-brushing, a bit of blending here and there, some picking out edge highlights and then washes. He was done a lot more quickly than I really expected. Hopefully the momentum can continue!

Monday 27 August 2018

Tox (Kitbash Games)

Tox marks the fourth of my Kitbash Games models that I have painted, and my second this month. I hope I am finally breaking the painting inertia that had developed over the past 6 months!

Tox is a former scientist who was disfigured and transformed by sabotage in the lab he shared. His intellect is not what it once was and no he roams Empire City's alleys and sewers, seeking to avoid people as he pieces his memories back together.

I am really happy with the mini, and I think the sculptor did a cracking job picking out the chemical oozes across his hulking body.

Look out for Tox and friends when the range launches later this year!

Sunday 19 August 2018

Big Brain (Kitbash Games)

Apologies for the dearth of posts lately - I have been busy though, I promise!

Big Brain is the first mini I have painted in something like 6 months and he will be part of the launch line-up for my Supers Unlimited range from Kitbash Games!

An over-zealous scientist transformed by an incident he caused, Big Brain has become a super-villain in the ranks of the Shadow Axis, a secret society of fellow super-criminals.

I hope to get back into regular painting now that a lot of the lead-in work for developing the range is taken care of. And please forgive the picture quality, I still need to make changes to my set-up for pictures.