Sunday 12 August 2012

New Gaming Table

Basic table top
I have been planning a semi-permanent table since moving house last year, but inevitably plans fell by the wayside as other priorities cropped up.

However, impetus was recently renewed when we (the wife and I) needed to order some building materials from Wickes, and she suggested that if I needed any stuff for my planned gaming table it would make sense to order it at the same time. I did not need to be asked twice.

36" x 32" battle-mat
The problem was always going to be a combination of limited access size to the attic, and my limitations as a crafts-person.  Seeing what the limits were I settled on assembling a 4' by 4' table top onto which I could lay battle-mats to represent grasslands; urban; sand/desert/dusty western town.

I had a spare bedside cabinet from the move last year, and picked up 3 more to form the 'legs' for the table top (they were on offer, saving me money I had not expected to save - talk about serendipity!). So a few nights ago I spent 2-3 hours assembling the 3 new cabinets, then today a couple of hours assembling the table top.

GW Battlemat
As you can see from the top picture the table is untextured; my plan is to simply lay on top what ever I need when ever I need it. the cabinets double up as terrain storage areas, complete with labels to make finding stuff easier. I have some terrain modules from Ziterdes that I plan on making into a nightmarish alien/other-dimensional landscape.

Not the biggest table in the world, but sufficient for my needs, and it means I can look at some home Anima Tactics, 7TV and Warmachine/Hordes gaming among other things. I may even dig out some of my old WH40K armies too!

So there should be now time and motivations to get some more minis painted.