Supers Unlimited

As a companion to my Super-Earth page, this is a listing and links for all of the minis I have painted from my own range (Supers Unlimited).

Characters are listed by Faction:

Covenant of Justice
Empire City's greatest heroes, with a legacy lasting down generations.

Shadow Axis
A society of supervillains bent on the accumulation of wealth and power, led with an iron fist by the super-mastermind called Tyrant.

Escapees from the black science Project: Nu-Genix, these supers have banded together for mutual protection from a world that fears and hunts them., while searching for others who escaped the facility. 


A loose group of supers who are the broken, the beaten, and the lost of Empire City, and who help each other out, bringing them into conflict with teams of Heroes and Villains.
  • Tox
  • Roughneck

The Protectorate
A team of heroes operating outside government sanction, their self-appointed mission to limit the excessive actions of other supers: heroes and villains alike.

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