Saturday 28 December 2013

Quarter 4 & Year End Painting Review

Quarter 4 minis
So 2013 draws to a close, and at this point I am confident I can present my summary, sure that nothing else will be finished before the New Year.

I set out at the start of the year with a strong intention to paint more than I did in 2012 (click for link); 2012 was a pretty poor year. I began to change my painting style at the end of 2009, and it has continued to evolve since. That has coincided with my interest in low-model count skirmish games. Prior to that my main gaming buddy Rob and me set out to try and play with painted minis as far as possible (something we headed towards in our WH40K days). So the numbers of models I painted each year dropped (not sure of the exact totals for 2010 and 2011) to the low-point of 2012 where I only painted 24 minis.

So I set a personal target of 48-50 minis for 2013 (I am not sure I actually published the target to begin with). It took until the end of July for me to start to open up any clear distance over that target and in the end after paining Sho on the Anima Tactician I have painted 63 minis across several ranges, as well as odds and ends of scenery. A much better year than the year before!

My 2013 minis; all 63
Quarter 1 - 13 minis
Anima Tactics: 7 minis
Pulp City: 3 minis
Supers: 2 minis
Zombies: 1 minis

Quarter 2 - 13 minis
Anima Tactics: 10 minis
Pulp City: 3 minis

Quarter 3 - 17 minis
Anima Tactics: 6 minis
Pulp City: 6 minis
Freebooter's Fate: 4 minis
MERCS: 1 mini

Quarter 4 - 20 minis
Anima Tactics: 13 minis
Pulp City: 2 minis
Batman Miniatures Game: 1 mini
Zombies: 4 minis

2013 totals - 63 minis
Anima Tactics: 36 minis
Pulp City: 14 minis
Freebooter's Fate: 4 minis
MERCS: 1 mini
Batman Miniatures Game: 1 mini
Supers: 2 minis
Zombies: 5 minis

So October was clearly my best month of the year with 10 minis and February my worst (although Giant Hadron was finally finished as the only mini of that month!).

As for 2014, well I have some thoughts on the year to come...

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all readers; I hope you all enjoy a wonderful festive period.

For your enjoyment, there is a Christmas-themed Pulp City Battle Report over on the Pulp Citizen (click for link).

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Batman Miniatures Game Rules Update

Knight Models have issued a free download updated rule book for the Batman Miniatures Game.

The English-language translation this time looks much better, thanks to the involvement of a couple of native speakers no doubt. This is a full update, with new layout and content. With the page count I think I will be waiting until a print version is available, but this is an excellent step forwards by Knight Models I reckon. I suggest heading over to their site and downloading this if you are interested in the game.