Monday 25 August 2014

Cargo Crates (Pre-Painted Hardfoam)

I have a couple of these packs and I think they have been a very useful purchase.

Each pack contains two small pieces and one large piece. The smaller pieces are approximately 160mm long and are 25mm high arranged in a row. The larger piece is approximately 160mm long by 50mm wide. There are a range of variants for each piece so with a couple of packs that gives some varied options. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that the top and bottom row pieces from each set of three are different.

The crates on the right are two small pieces stacked together
The pieces are available as a pack for £13 GBP from Tablescape's website. They are made of hard-foam and come pre-painted. Given the range of gaming periods they would be suitable for, I think they are a tremendous little set for the time-strapped gamer. From a quality and value perspective, I am very happy with these and would thoroughly recommend them.

The minis used for scale reference are all mounted on 30mm bases and are nominally from ranges between 32mm and 35mm.