Sunday 30 September 2012


The target minis for Zomtober
Okay, being ever the sporadic painter and modeler  I have been challenged by my main gaming buddy Rob to get some stuff done.

To that end Rob has thrown down the Zomtober gauntlet: to paint at least one Zombie mini per week during October, and one bonus mini for a minimum of five in total. We have set each Sunday as the deadline for one mini per week (7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) and anytime before the 31st as the deadline for the bonus mini.

So the top picture has the minis I plan on finishing, and the bottom picture has those that I would love to finish in addition.

Other Zeds I'd like to get finished soon
We agreed that part-painted but unfinished minis could be allowed! We also plan to do something similar in other themes in occasional intervals.

I am still aiming to do my Zombies in groups of three tied together by a common colour (see here for a previous example). Let Zomtober commence! Well from tomorrow at any rate...

Monday 24 September 2012

Outhouse/Store Shed (2)

Storehouses with two painting techniques
A second of these by 4Ground, to show the difference between the two painting styles I used.

The old style is on the left, and the newer style technique I tried with the Old West buildings is on the right. I know which technique's results I prefer...

Friday 21 September 2012

Old West Buildings

Building by Sarissa Precision
Okay, been a while since the last update, and this week has seen some frantic painting and modelling. Rob conceived a basic idea for Hallowe'en Madness II, and that immediately kicked me into gear building all sorts of Old West what-nots that I had acquired in recent weeks.

Of those, these buildings were quickly painted using thinned down paints straight onto the laser-cut MDF.

Building by Sarissa Precision
I had planned to undercoat them and paint them up from there, but i then ran with an idea I saw on Lead Adventure Forum, and so settled for painting straight on. With the way the MDF soaks up the paint, it left me with a natural variation of colour that I felt was suitable for the types of building I am representing.

I then picked out some individual planks to paint with a thicker paint to break up the uniformity further. The buildings will eventually have some signage (measure are at hand in that regard!).

Building by Battle-flag
The two apex roofs were part of the kits as bought, while the flat roof had some scrunched up paper stuck on with thinned-down PVA, and a coffee stirrer cut into two halves length-ways and trimmed to fit.

While I was building these, I also tackled some wagons and a gallows, which are all near to finished and so should be posted soon. Or at least soon-ish.