Thursday 30 November 2017

Ghosts (Chibi Fantasy)

While recently working on my 28mm Fantasy Project, I have also been doing a bit of painting in parallel on my Chibi Fantasy Project, because, as I am sure many would agree, a hobbyist can never have too many concurrent and incomplete projects!

This group of Ghosts was painted really quickly, over a couple of hours, with the painting kept super-simple to help boost my overall outputs, and they have turned out pretty much as I wanted. I think they will work well with the other Chibi Fantasy stuff I am pulling together. The minis are from a booster pack for the Arcadia Quest board game.

I am hoping that getting these done will spur me to finish some more of the Tooth & Sword range, but as ever the hobby muse will take me where it takes me!

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Van Halfling (Heresy Miniatures)

This mini was painted alongside the Zealot Wizard but finished a few days later. I have had this mini for years, sitting in the pile of unpainted stuff. I don't think I had any particular project in mind when I picked him up, I just thought he looked ace.

When I embarked on my 28mm Fantasy Project I dug Van Halfling out of the pile and set to work on him (meanwhile ordering lots of bits and bobs from across the interwebz - it will be an eclectic project in terms of manufacturers!).

Van Halfling is by Heresy Miniatures and comes with three right arm options including a flaming torch and a scroll. I love the the idea of a Halfling inquisitor/witch-hunter, and that will fit the emerging world populated by the various adventurers of the 28mm Fantasy Project. I imagine that he has been cast out by the organisation he worked for and is now allied with other adventurers as he seeks to redeem himself by hunting the things which lurk in the dark. And witches, no inquisitor can overlook some witch-hunting.

Sunday 26 November 2017

Wizard (Zealot Miniatures)

I have had a painting slowdown this month, so I am glad to post something up after what feels like too long a break.

I grabbed this Wizard from Zealot Miniatures as I have started to assemble a small range of generic fantasy miniatures for a rules set I am working on. Unfortunately for him, Brummie (click for link to his blog) has also been ensnared into the emerging project...apologies mate!

The mini is pretty simple so was a nice starting point for me for this project. There are some super sculpts lurking in the Zealot range which I like more than this one, so I am looking forward to getting around to tackling those in due course. We'll be mixing in a few ranges as the project progresses.

Character wise, I am thinking he is Werner Greyspell, a journeyman mage who has thrown his lot in with a disparate party of adventurers seeking their fortune. While riches attract his allies, Werner seeks arcane knowledge to elevate his powers. Each adventure takes him closer to that goal.