Wednesday 14 November 2012

Lady Panther (Super November 2012 #2)

This is the second mini in the challenge, and Rob and I have agreed to get as many supers minis painted in one month a we can, after the relative success of Zomtober.

So after last week's Harrier (seen on Pulp Citizen here) this week I have painted the Lady Tiger mini from Reaper's Chronoscope range.

I make no bones that the colour scheme is stolen off a certain Marvel-lous cat-themed super; if it works why not?

After last months Zeds got my painting rustiness out of the way, it has been nice getting more diverse pieces painted, and diversity is definitely a key point with this month's challenge.

This mini may never even see gaming - who knows - but it was nice to paint and nice to have it finished. Lady Panther's back-story has her as an Unhuman adventurer-thief with cat-like powers,who keeps making bad decisions, such as throwing in  with the Crimemasters from time to time!

Keep watching here and Pulp Citizen to see how I get on!

Saturday 3 November 2012

Batman Miniature Game

Oh Knight Models, take my money now. Really, I will check down the sofa straightaway.

The words Batman Miniatures Game (or will it be Arkham City?) and expectations of Knight Models based on the quality of their other sculpts means I am sold sight-unseen on this new game and its minis.

After seeing some of the previews I am definitely in. This ticks so many boxes for me. Great IP, great (presumed) quality, and the option to use terrain I have already.

I have serious doubts about the game simply based on the fact that this is Knight Models first foray into gaming, and I thought I heard a rumour at salute about a Star Wars game from them; so is this a re-purposed system? Who knows. Well the Star Wars license has gone and this could be brilliant  Or it could be some decent minis and a terrible game, I don't care - they got me at Batman Miniatures Game, even if the prices are sky-high.

This won't replace Pulp City as my favourite, simply because I feel so invested and immersed in the game and its continuance, but as a side-line? Well that is another story.

So excited am I about this, that I shelled out for the 35mm Batman mini KM do, not even knowing if it will scale with the upcoming releases!

Oh Knight Models, get those minis and that game out now, please!

Thursday 1 November 2012

Super...Something-or-other Month!

Okay, after the relative success of Zomtober, and with Rob mentioning he felt that he was behind in painting 'supers' minis, and with me knowing I have been remiss in painting through the year, we have settled on SupersNovember. Or Supervember, Or whatever we will call it (I favour Supervemeber right now, or maybe Newsupersvemeber, who knows...).

Anyhoo, the plan is to paint one 'supers' themed mini per week through the month. To that end I have picked out three Pulp City minis (one of which will be for Hendybadger's Paint the City Pink initiative), and one Chronoscope super. So most will be posted on the Pulp Citizen and one will be posted here, if I hit my targets. The minis I plan to do are in the picture, but plans often change don't they?

So each week, ending the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th we aim to each finish at least one 'supers' themed mini. yes some have a little work on them done already, but we  agreed that as part of the Zomtober ground rules so it apples here too.

Wish me luck and stop by the Pulp Citizen and/or here for progress updates!