Saturday 2 December 2017

Dragonlock Dungeon Terrain (Fat Dragon)

I have wanted my own dungeon terrain set for years. I have taken a look so many times at Dwarven Forge's glorious products but have held back because there is seemingly always a set I want that is out of stock or out of production. Recently though I stumbled on an alternative which seemed to fit my needs and wants - a hobby win!

Fat Dragon Games have designed a range of 3-printer files branded as Dragonlock, and I found an eBay seller printing and selling the tiles under agreement from Fat Dragon Games. I ordered a couple of bits to see what they felt like in hand, and happy with what I received, I ordered a load more.

The eBay seller I found is 3dhorizons (click for link) and he has been amazingly helpful and has been very communicative.

Most tiles are 2 inches by 2 inches, and walls are 2 inches tall. The coolest feature may be the clips which lock tiles together to stop stuff sliding apart - a very good idea IMHO. The clips can be seen in the second picture (the orange things), although I didn't use the clips when I laid out the terrain in these pictures.

I painted them up by spraying them with car primer (less than one 500ml can did 25 pieces forming 23 tiles). I then roughly dabbed on some dark grey paint, some splotches of washes, then did a fast and rough dry-brush of 3 lighter greys, one which was a creamy brown-grey (Vallejo Stone Grey).

The lintels holding the doors in place can be removed, so I popped the doors out to paint them after all the preceding painting was done, mainly to keep track of them while doing the main tiles!

There is some evidence of the the 3D printing process in the grain, but I can live with that. You can lightly sand the tiles before painting, but frankly I couldn't be bothered (life is too short), and there was no need to wash them first - they took the spray undercoat well enough.

I have already ordered a second batch, including a nice mix of new tiles, and have plans for a third. I really like this stuff, and cannot wait to game with it. Of course, now I want some sewers for supers of Victoriana gaming....