Tuesday 25 October 2011

Zombie Horde

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Okay, the last post for a little while, this is the beginnings of my horde. I hope the picture demonstrates my aim that in painting groups of walking dead, those Zombies should hopefully still be able to form up as a varied horde.

I hope to add to this soon and already have more minis in various stages of painting (as is always the case with my minis collection!).

Monday 24 October 2011

Zombie Surfer

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Another Hasslefree Zombie, painted with the tail-end of my recent Zombie splurge. I was unhappy about a couple of issues I had with this one. Firstly was the white undercoat I used: GW Skull White (possibly an old can). It gave a slightly fuzzy texture to the undercoat which although I have heard this happen to others has never really happened to me that I can recall (maybe I blocked out such trauma!). Having a deadline for a game we played last month, it meant I did not have time to strip and re-undercoat the mini, so I had to press ahead and probably ended up painting extra base layers as a consequence.

The second issue is definitely down to me. After the efforts of September I tried to go back at a later date to add a design to the 'upper' side of the board (as would be to the rider's perspective), but that did not turn out well so got painted over. My plan was clear, however my freehand skills were lacking and so I will not be trying again on this mini. I just decided to accept it as-is, rather than increase my own frustration.

Anyhow, another addition to the 'horde', and expect an interim shot of the living impaired I have painted so far to appear very soon.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Zombie Group (2)

The last Zombie update post for a while, and my third group of 3 (I have lots of future groups planned BTW!).

Purple theme this time. I will try and do a group shot of the infestation so far to give a sense of how they look together, but meanwhile I will leave you with this.

Left and middle are Studio Miniatures , while the one on the right is Crocodile Games. Bases left and right are Fenris Games, middle base is Dragon Forge.

Big/Boss Zombie (2)

Another Big or Boss type Zombie, this time one of two from Fenris Games (hello Jo and Ian!). Fenris have a great offering of minis, bases and scenic pieces as well as taking on custom work, so suffice to say I have picked up a number of things from them. Just wish they would get their non-ebay web-store sorted!

As ever, please embiggenificate by clicking the images.

I enjoyed painting this one, and even if it may be inspired by some game or other (possibly; I don't play many video games so cannot comment), I just viewed it as an opportunity to represent a character-type or focus Zombie. The other one is multi-part with slightly awkward join surfaces, meaning it has fallen down the pecking order.

Still some more Zombies yet to be shown, and I have others in the pain queue so please stay tuned.

Sunday 16 October 2011

Zombie Group (1)

Well the title says Zombie Group (1), but this is actually my second finished 'group' of Zeds after painting the previously posted Cops. The groups will be marked by thematic colour schemes, which will be dominated by the colour chosen for their tops, shirts, jackets, dressing gowns, or whatever. The plan is that en masse the colour-theming should not seem too obtrusive, yet in game-play will mark them out easily.

Click the picture to embiggenify.

I have taken to paining some of my 'rank and file' type Zeds in 3's for a couple of reasons. Firstly is that when playing Pulp City (see the Pulp Citizen blog here), Zombies are fielded in groups of 3 models, so this gives me options there. Secondly, but it probably helped speed up the painting process a little with only a limited palette in use.

These three minis are all Studio Miniatures (if memory serves me!). I love the characterful touches on the Zed in the dressing gown/bathrobe* (* delete according to personal brand of English!), with the bunny slippers and broken mug still being clutched. Bases are by Fenris Games. I have a lot more Studio Miniatures walking dead to paint, so stay tuned.

Saturday 15 October 2011

Zombie Mime

This Zed was painted pretty quickly (and it probably shows!) amid my Zombie painting frenzy of sorts during September.

Click to embiggen pictures as usual.

I really liked this characterful model the moment I saw it, and ordered one ages ago. Suffice it to say that it remained sat in my (ever-growing) Zombie-minis-mountain awaiting painting. Thankfully, said Zombie-minis-mountain shrank a little during September, and has yielded a number of painted and soon(ish) to be painted/completed zombies for my planned horde.

The mini is from Hasslefree (if I recall correctly) and is one of a number of their Zombie offerings.

My usual Zombie-skin-recipe was applied, and the black clothes were worked up from a base of Vallejo black-grey highlighted with lighter grey tones, and some thinned-down GW Badab Black wash. Mounted on a Fenris Games base.

Big/Boss Zombie (1)

Painted as part of the beginnings of my planned walking dead horde. This mini is from Tengu Models from their selection of boss-type Zeds. The mini came with integral base (which is something I hate on the whole, I have to say), but Tengu very thoughtfully made it a thin disc so a straight forwards matter to trim it off.

Click to embiggen pictures.

Painted with my usual recipe of Vallejo Green-Grey as a base skin tone, highlighted with increasing addition of Basic Skin Tone. The skin was washed with thinned down Devlan Mud (GW). The base is by Fenris. I will be mounting 'regular' Zeds on 30mm bases, and Big or Boss Zeds on 40 mm bases.

Look for more zeds in the coming days and months. Several featured in a Battle report that I will be posting soon on the Pulp Citizen.