Sunday 22 April 2012

Salute 2012

Maciej (l) and Karel (r) at Pulp Monsters
I enjoyed Salute 2012 immensely, attending with main gaming buddy Rob (his blog is here). As is usual for us we travelled down by train, and as usual I mused whether I had planned the journey well enough to avoid being at the end of the queue. While in the queue Rob found a winning 'golden ticket' for KR Multicases which he later handed in a for a marvellous bag. Very cool. Into the hall and my first stop was Pulp Monsters stand for my favourite game (Pulp City). On show there were some sneak peeks of new stuff (which I blogged about here).

At the Pulp Monsters stand I finally got to meet with Hendybadger, (of the Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher blog here), along with Mrs. Badger and the very mellow Baby Badger (replete in pirate outfit - Hendybadger is nothing if not consistent!). It was great meeting Hendybadger at last, and I reecieved two very kind gifts from the Badger's - a cake baked by Mrs Badger (thanks!) and a lovely mini which will be painted and shown on the Pulp Citizen blog very soon!). It was great to meet you guys.

Empire of the Dead demo board
My next stop was West Wind's stand to buy a copy of Empire of the Dead which came with a bonus free miniature - result! The rest of the day I was wandering around with Rob, chatting to Maciej, shopping a little, taking mostly blurry and useless pictures, shopping a little more, and generally enjoying myself. The shopping list included: Some paints - Empire of the Dead book
- Pulp City (Night Fright) spare that I want for a specific reason - Some hills from Kallstra (like them a lot
- I will be buying more in the future) - Power Generator hard-foam piece from Micro Arts
- Wolsung mini
- Maximilian(?) mini from Gringos 40's
- Not-Daphne toting mini-gun from Hasslefree
- Zombie-Elvis-Halfling from Heresy
- Some Cobalt aliens from Black Hat
- Some tree bases from Tablescape (look for a hobby tip post soon on these and their trees).

So it was mainly bits and bobs from various manufactuers.

7TV board
A number of boards caught my eye. My pick of the bunch was the Crooked Dice 7TV main display board.

I wish my better pictures were the ones covering more of the board, but alas not. The board was brilliant and a great advert for 7TV and its ethos, reflecting its heritage from Bond movies and in this case of course from On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Two more boards especially caught my eye. There were so many good ones, but some stood out.

Wolsung board.
Micro Art Studios were previewing their upcoming (Autumn 2012) Wolsung laser-cut terrain across two wonderful boards. Wow. I cannot wait to get hold of some of this.

This terrain is stuff that will be pressed into use for Pulp, Supers/Pulp City, Victoriana, and maybe Zombies gaming when i do get hld of some. It was simply stunning and looks to be truly modular with so much possibility for inter-connection and multi level gaming. As I say, I cannot wait to get hold of some of this stuff.

Scarlet Thunder
Lastly, great mention has to go to the Scarlet Thunder board. I have no idea what was going on with the game, but the board was fantastic, so very worthy of mention. I just wish I have better pictures of all the boards I enjoyed but this is a rough guide to what I got to see, and what I enjoyed.

Thursday 12 April 2012

Red Skull

Okay not in any way a Red Skull mini, just one that conveniently was close enough to paint up as Herr Johann Schmidt. Whew - safely navigated that minefield.

This not-in-any-way-at-all-like the Red Skull is a mini from What The? Now I believe their lines have been taken over by another manufacturer, so may still be available.

This one got started as an afterthought when painting another mini, Sgt. Bale Extreme (on Pulp Citizen), mainly to pass time while paint dried on Bale.

I decided this week to at least clear a couple of minis so this and the previous Boss Zombie fitted the bill and voila - one super-baddie that can be used for supers, Weird War II and probably other stuff as well (pulp maybe?).

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Big/Boss Zombie (3)

It has been a while without a new mini around here, hasn't it?

This Big Zombie is by Tengu Models, and has been painted according to my usual recipe for Zombie flesh. It may not be the most realistic skin-tone paint scheme for undead flesh, but I am pretty happy with it as it fits my sensibilities.

Please embiggenify by clicking the images.

This one was started amid the big push to get a lot of zeds painted last summer and then just sat unfinished for quite some time. I decided to knuckle down today and just get it done as I have not been painting much to a finishing point recently.

I do have a number of other partially completed zombies so look out for them to appear eventually.

I also under-coated two more Boss Zombies today, which should fit niocely with the rest of the freaky looking Big Zeds.