SHOC Force
SHOC Force (Super Human Operations Covert Force) is clandestine team of super human operatives. Its members are of the scattered largely secret race known as the Unhumans, who were granted great powers by the gene-twisting influence of the Omegon Source.

The Elemental Four are a group of very powerful Unhumans whose powers are attuned to nature. Their agenda often brings them into conflict with other superhuman Teams as they serve Gaia's will.

And ever-changing group of Heroes, The Watch often serves as Earth's last line of defence in the face of nefarious super humans or invaders from other worlds and dimensions.
  • Targeteer (Leader)
  • Blind Justice
  • John Henry
  • The Chunk
  • Mindmaster

The Crimemasters' lineup constantly changes, depending on which members are locked up in Desolation Row Supermax Prison, and according to the whims and needs of the latest Villain to take the lead in this unruly Team. Frequent members include:

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