Tuesday 18 September 2018

Mayhem (Kitbash Games)

Mayhem is another mini for my upcoming range of supers characters from Kitbash Games. Like Granite and Immolator, he was sculpted by Sergio Alonso.

Mayhem is a washed-up pro-wrestler turned supervillain due to the machinations of a trickster god. With newly-acquired super-strength, he and his tag team partner Alpha Male have begun to wreak havoc on Empire City. Mayhem revels in destruction and certainly lives up to his name!

As more minis get ready for the table I will start to reveal more about the game rules for this range. Next in the queue is Alpha Male, then on to The Cowl, Soldier Hex and The Arrow!

Sunday 2 September 2018

Immolator (Kitbash Games)

Immolator is the latest mini I have finished for my upcoming Supers Unlimited range (Kitbash Games. She was sculpted by the uber-talented Sergio Alonso Leon (who also sculpted Granite and Big Brain).

Immolator is an alien marooned on Earth, on the run from her own empire. Her natural selfishness and drive for power has drawn her to the ranks of the Shadow Axis and its leader Tyrant. She bides her time for now, but will soon vie for power against her fellow supervillains.

I decided to try and follow the colour scheme laid out in Immolator's art as far as I could, which offered up a couple of challenges, but overall I am fairly happy with how she turned out. Next up - Mayhem and Alpha Male.