Saturday 23 April 2016

Boris/Mr. Pink

Boris is part of the 'Mobsters' blister pack and not really a mini I planned to include any time soon in my Black Mask crew, primarily as he would compete with what I feel are better options for funding (like Mesh or Deadshot); as Boris is conceived he looks pretty durable with Street Guy backing up Defense 3 and Endurance 7; I feel he is decent enough but Anatoly and Mule Goon also offer similar durability, so nothing new there, and his Funding takes out an ammo equivalent.

The reason why this mini stepped up the painting queue is the 'tournament card' version of his rules as Mr. Pink. The Mr. Pink version has Defense 4 (yet still a Henchman), Endurance 6, has a Bulletproof Vest and is immune to Arrest thanks to Runaway. He also adds Informer (a free 'pass') and has a 2 Blood Gun, but most of all costs $0! He has a high Reputation cost (55), but in my opinion that is worth paying for the rest of his package, especially as he offers a different kind of durability than Anatoly, Mule Goon (and especially Boris). I recently managed to acquire a copy of the 'tournament card' and that motivated me to get him done sooner than later.

The model had some big chunks and lumps of flash, which was an issue; cleaning up his face left some markings, so I decided to paint that up in a different shade of pink to invoke a sense of scar tissue (probably not visible in the pictures). In all, once again not a great cast from Knight Models unfortunately. On the plus side, for whatever reasons I was able to get the mini turned around pretty quickly (by my slow standards!), so most importantly this marks another minis 'done' from the range', and further progress to my annual painting tallies ( I am ahead of the same point last year which is nice), as well as now meeting my target for BMG minis for the year.

BMG Painting Summary
BMG characters owned: 201 (added: Ice Penguin and Savage Penguin)
Percentage of owned characters painted: 21.4% (43 models)

Sunday 10 April 2016

Mr. Graves

Mr. Graves is my first painted Malifaux mini, having sat ready for painting for a good few months, maybe even a year. Don't worry though, I am not launching into a huge new project!

I picked up some Malifaux minis a year or so ago, as an option if I ever got to attend a local gaming club since I understand it is one of the games they play there; unfortunately that hasn't happened so far. Well, I decided I needed a change of pace on the painting front and so started this and another Malifaux mini recently, blocking out basic colours a week or two ago. The past week, however, has been my first in a new job and that has left me mentally tired and not up to painting during the evenings, so I didn't get around to finishing Mr. Graves until the weekend arrived (once I had some other work out of the way); unfortunetly the highlights are pretty washed out in the pictures, especially on the grey clothing. With the new job that has meant a slow start to painting this month, but I hope to catch up soon.

I was interested when I learned Wyrd were doing plastics, and was impressed with the first couple I assembled. I don't enjoy assembling metal minis, so this was a nice change. The sculpting style has a slightly exaggerated aesthetic which took a little getting used to as I was painting the mini.

I have some more Malifaux minis to assemble and/or paint (enough to manage a crew of up to 50 or so Soulstones I think), so may tackle a few more in the next few months.

Mr. Graves is dual-faction in the game, and can be fielded in Ten Thunders or Neverborn crews. Other than that, I know nothing about how he plays. I only have the small 'rules-only' Malifaux 2e rulebook, so don't know about his background either unfortunately, but I take it he is some kind of bouncer. A big one at that (he is on a 40 mm base!). Hopefully he gets some company before too long when the fancy takes me to do some more.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Halgar's Blacksmith (Fabled Realms)

Almost a year since the last Fabled Realms buildings from 4Ground that I constructed comes this  - Halgar's Blacksmith. As soon as I saw the kit I wanted it to add some more variation to the small collection I have. I hope 4Ground produce more non-domiciliary type structures in a similar size - a warehouse would be interesting, and I sure there are plenty of other ideas.

The minis used for size reference are Freebooter's FateHalgar's Blacksmith has already had game-time during my second Freebooter's Fate game very recently.

The build time was around six and half to seven hours, split over a few sessions on a couple of days. I was a bit rusty so had one cock-up which I think I have been able to cover over, which was aligning the outer frame of the upper story - but I had a real problem getting them to interlock and stick in place at the same time and think the sheets were very slightly bowed.

As usual I moved around a bit in the running order of the build to allow sub-assemblies to allow the glue to start to set. This time I used my paint roller technique on the roof before assembly, to change to a more pleasing (to me) colour.

An optional addition which is available is posters included on the instruction sheet, but I didn't like the look of them on the 4Ground site so left them off.

This is a kit I heartily recommend and one I would certainly suggest for anyone who has other Fabled Realms kits and wants to add more.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Quarter 1 2016 Painting Summary

2016 is off to a pretty good start for me hobby wise. I have done some painting, some terrain building (one still to be shown!), and I have also have racked up 11 minis games played so far (across 4 games systems), which is at least half the number of games I managed last year in total!

Painted in Q1 (+0 from Q1 2015)
  • BMG: 11 minis (all were characters, unlike some of the 10 in the same quarter last year!)
  • Pulp City: 4
  • Anima Tactics: 1

The goals I set for the year ahead were to paint 12 minis for each of Pulp City, Anima Tactics and BMG, 4 more Zombies for Zomtober, 5 Hordes/Warmachine minis, 2 Tooth & Sword minis and 1 Freebooter's Fate mini. For Pulp City I want to get as many Minions and Grimm done as possible.

I also plan to get a start on Dropzone Commander (I set the goals for the year before I picked the game up) and some Malifaux minis, plus some other odds and ends. My overall target for the identified totals is 50; if I manage over 60 I will be happy.

So far, of those goals, the BMG is nearly done, and will likley be exceeded if I get motivation to complete two part-done crews. Pulp City *should* be manageable and I would love to exceed that goal, and the hardest to reach motivation wise will probably be Anima Tactics.

Quarter 2 last year saw a little drop off in output on the painting front as I was building a lot of terrain at that time, so i hope to side-step that this time around.